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Speak the Local Language

When I teach my social media classes, I tell students that each social networking site has different customs and expectations. Different types of conversations are going on in each place, depending on who is there and what they want to accomplish. I find metaphors helpful to explain…

LinkedIn is a little like an executive cocktail party. It’s pretty much all business all the time. People who are on this site are there for the most part to form business connections, period. And you better like blue, because that’s what your profile will look like. Don’t expect to find fancy “skins” that allow you to have a Continue reading

10 Free (Or Almost Free) Social Media/Digital Marketing Tools Your Business Can Use

I want to thank Pat Yocom from Lake Effect Embroidery, a past Twitter 101 student, for inviting  me to speak today at her business leads group in Michigan City. There was great energy within the group–it’s nice to see the dynamics in action when a leads group is really working. I suspect that this group can put the following 10 tips to good use. Here’s the recap I promised:

  1. Web Site and Domain Name for Email
    If you don’t already have your own web site and email that uses your own domain name (i.e. kathy@mysocialmediacoach.com vs. kathy@gmail.com), price is not a good excuse Continue reading

January 27, 2009, 2:03 pm
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My sister Julie was finally released from the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan on Friday, January 9th. A reporter and photographer from the Detroit Free Press were on hand to record the details of this joyous, long-awaited occasion. They wrote a very nice article on Julie and how our family used her blog and other social media tools to get the word out about her situation:


The next big move for Julie will be returning to independent living, hopefully in the not too distant future. Meanwhile, I continue my job search and have begun to pick up some freelance work, helping clients with social media marketing. I am focusing primarily on Realtors, recruiters and restaurants right now (the 3 R’s?) I am passionate about this technology and am eager to put my knowledge to work, helping clients to build their businesses.

I am working on improving my Twitter grade–possibly a vain pursuit, but I justify my attempts by rationalizing that it will help build my credibility in the eyes of my clients… Current grade is 97.2 with 470 followers. End of month goal is 500 followers and at least one post per day that adds value for my followers.