Kathy Sipple: Social Media Tips For Business

10 Ways Your Business Can Use Social Media
This is the slideshow from my presentation at the B2B Networking Expo last night in Schererville, Indiana.

Connections: Everyone Happens for a Reason

I just got back from a Learn at Lunch lecture by Post-Tribune Columnist Jerry Davich at the Porter County United Way in Valparaiso. Jerry was speaking about his recent book: “Connections: Everyone Happens for a Reason.” I was intrigued by the book’s title because it’s something I’ve always inherently felt to be true—just hadn’t come up with that particular wording… Continue reading

Social Media and Realtors: A Winning Combination

I had a great conversation with a terrific woman by the name of Evelyn Johnston recently. Evelyn is the Premier Short Sale Realtor in Elkhart County, Indiana—a busy niche during this challenging economic climate. I met her through a connection with Dave Woodson, a.k.a. “The Mad Mortgage Machine.” Evelyn and I compared life stories and learned that we had more than a few similarities… Continue reading

No Reservations?

I stumbled onto this blog post today about Kristie Lu Stout, an anchor on CNN and mother of a 7-month old, reserving the URL, Twitter ID and Gmail account for her infant child. Talk about forward thinking!

A lot of people I encounter are interested in social media, but have some concerns about jumping in. What reservations, if any, do you have about social media? Some of the common objections I hear are: Continue reading

Speak the Local Language

When I teach my social media classes, I tell students that each social networking site has different customs and expectations. Different types of conversations are going on in each place, depending on who is there and what they want to accomplish. I find metaphors helpful to explain…

LinkedIn is a little like an executive cocktail party. It’s pretty much all business all the time. People who are on this site are there for the most part to form business connections, period. And you better like blue, because that’s what your profile will look like. Don’t expect to find fancy “skins” that allow you to have a Continue reading

Your Digital Marketing Strategy: What Do St. Bernard Puppies And Gardening Have To Do With I

Last week I met with a group of real estate agents hungry for information on social media marketing. Besides just learning about it, they were curious to know “how much time is this going to take?” and “what return will I get on my investment?”

An effective social media program does require some time. It’s not a magic machine that you set up once and forget about. By definition, that form of media would not be very social or interactive, which are two of the things that make social media marketing such a potentially effective vehicle for connecting with other people.

The social media marketing tools I showed are free. That doesn’t mean that they come without “cost” Continue reading

10 Free (Or Almost Free) Social Media/Digital Marketing Tools Your Business Can Use

I want to thank Pat Yocom from Lake Effect Embroidery, a past Twitter 101 student, for inviting  me to speak today at her business leads group in Michigan City. There was great energy within the group–it’s nice to see the dynamics in action when a leads group is really working. I suspect that this group can put the following 10 tips to good use. Here’s the recap I promised:

  1. Web Site and Domain Name for Email
    If you don’t already have your own web site and email that uses your own domain name (i.e. kathy@mysocialmediacoach.com vs. kathy@gmail.com), price is not a good excuse Continue reading

Web Site Launched

I launched a web site this week for my new training and consulting business: http://mysocialmediacoach.com. My mission is to teach small business owners how they can put use the power of social media marketing to grow their businesses.

I have been speaking with some business people one on one, but admittedly, the Valparaiso market is a little behind the curve on social media. I know it will catch on here, but we don’t have what you might call ‘critical mass’ yet for anyone who wants to implement Continue reading

My Blooming Love Affair with Social Media Took Root During a Challenging Family Health Crisis

A series of unusual life circumstances gave birth to my passion for social media marketing in July of 2008.

I am no stranger to technology. I knew DOS before Windows existed and put together my first resume on a Mac 2SE. I’m really showing my age here… I’ll admit to being a leading edge GenXer who looks young for her age (I think.)

I have always enjoyed writing and had begun to explore writing articles for pay back in June 2008. After some exploring online, I found a site called Hubpages.com. I posted a few articles there on topics that Continue reading